Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020

What are the basic tools for home repair?

Home repair is a resolution of problems at home. Many electrical, mechanical and civil problems will occur in the house for this problem we have to seek the electrician or any building contractors to resolve the problems.

Seeking them is a complicated process by time and money-wise. So, kindly prefer DIY “do it yourself” with basic tools for home repair. This process will save you the bundle of money and even the time and also helps you to learn many projects regarding technical aspects.

There are many essential lists of tools for basic home repair process and the tools are listed below:


Without the hammer, there is no use of nail. In many of the hammer, claw has been attached to the opposite head so you can drive the nail easily and another side, we can pry them out. It will be used for good whack such as break up the plaster wall and knocking farm timber.


Many of the things in the home are attached with screws such as furniture, cabinet doors, lamps, door knocks, etc.

So, at any time you will decide to rearrange the things from its original position at that time need to remove the screws with the help of screwdrivers and fix the screw with the same device. And it is the most essential tool for homeowner.

Adjustable wrench

All the items cannot be fixed with screws and nails. We have to use some bolt and nuts, to tighten or loses the nut and bolt, we use a wrench and there are different types of bolt and nuts so we are using an adjustable type of wrench to adjust any size of the nuts.

Tape measure

Accurate measurement is a must, to fix any new appliances and to paint the wall and to check the size of the pipe, also to hang the picture on the wall.

This is also called a single most used tool in the job site. There are many types of tapes which are Duct, painter, Electrical and plumber, based on the applications unit will differ in the tape.

Putty Knife

It is also known as a scraper, used for a variety of jobs like scrape off peeling paint or wallpaper or remover caulk around the window.

Utility knife

Many tricky things that are unable to cut by scissors are easily done by this knife and it is the safest one where the blade is stored inside the handle. It is also used to shaving wood and marking notches.

The above mentioned are the basic home repair tools which are used to reduce the money and also the time.