Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020

What to do with ripe avocados – Home cooking tips

The avocado is a rich nutrition fruit and also known as the alligator pear. Due to its pebbly skin, it resembles the pear shape. This fruit normally grows in a warmer region and its look like a tall evergreen tree. Before the avocados ripe, it is plucked and shipped all around the world before it spoils. However, this fruit is available in the whole year round in a fresh produce section of the grocery shops. When you are buying this fruit, you must check whether it is still green and also allow them to ripe in your house. Definitely, everyone likes a perfectly ripe avocado. This fruit is ultra photogenic, vibrantly green and hold their shape even when you diced and sliced. Nowadays, people can make so many recipes with the ripe avocados. Below are some of the tasty recipes that guide you what to do with ripe avocados.

Creamy soup


You can use ripe avocados as a beginning point for a delicate and smooth soup. This is called a lighter meal, which needs to add some lighter ingredients into a blender such as Greek yogurt, sliced avocados, spices and broth.


Healthier hummus


With the use of ripe avocados, you can make a healthy hummus. To make this recipe, you can add a couple of peeled ripe avocados and chickpeas to the food processor and blend it very well. If they are slightly brown, the texture and taste can take this traditional hummus a top notch.


Pasta sauce


You should know that not all the sauces need to be made from tomatoes and not all the noodles have to be grain based. You can be easily made and enjoy the scrumptious sauce made from avocados, a few garlic and a handful of some other ingredients.


Are brown avocados safe to eat?


Naturally, the avocados supply a heart healthy unsaturated fats, potassium, fiber and vitamins B-6, 9, C and K. However, the brown avocados are completely safe to eat that you can use it in the place of cheese or mayonnaise on the sandwich and then mashed it very well. Once you open it, you can also find the brown spots or it turns to brown color after completing the preparation; but you do not want to consumer the discolored areas.


Why eat avocados?


Naturally, the avocado fruit is loaded with a lot of nutrition as well as rich in vitamin E, B6 and potassium. This fruit also contains more calories due to its high oil content; but the presence of each calorie is a healthy calorie. If you like this fruit, you can make the several different ripe avocado recipes with a nice smooth texture.





Hope, you can understand what to do with the ripe avocados with the above article. However, using avocados can benefit your body both externally and internally. In addition to eating avocado, it is also very much useful to use as a natural beauty treatment. All you need to do is to simply use the ripe avocados and gain a lot of benefits.



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