Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020

What are the main tools of gas welding?

The gas welding is done in the process of liquid state welding. It generally works in the process of fuel gases burns to generate heat. It is used to melt the interface surfaces of welding plates which held together to form a joint.

This process will be done with or without the help of filler material and the fuel gas are used mostly. The fuel gas may be acetylene, hydrogen, propane, or butane. An intense gas flame produced which melts the edges of parts to be welded.

The molten metal which allows to attracted together and joints will be obtained. Continue reading to know more about the main tools of gas welding.

Principle of gas welding

The process of gas welding is done by burning of fuel gases with the help of oxygen, which forms the flame of high temperature.

The gas welding is most important welding process. The work of the flame is directly strikes the weld area and melts the surface area and filler material. After it cools the melted part of welding plates diffused and creates a weld joint. This welding process is used to join the most commonly used metals in daily usage.

Required set of equipment

Welding torch

The welding torch is the major part in the gas welding. The fuel gas and oxygen are suitable for pressures of welding torch. The valves present in each gas which controls the flow of gases inside the torch. Both of the gases mixed together and form a flammable mixture.

The fire flame flows through the nozzle. The thickness of the nozzle depends on the size of the welding plates and materials.


The gloves are provided for the safety purpose of the welders. It helps to protect eyes and hand from the radiation of the fire. So, welders should wear the gloves for their safety.

Oxygen cylinder

The required oxygen will be filled in this for proper burning of fuel. This oxygen supplied by the oxygen cylinder. The oxygen cylinder indicates in a black line. It is most commonly used while welding.

Fuel gas cylinder

The gas cylinder is filled either with the oxy acetylene gas, hydrogen gas, etc. most generally the oxy acetylene gas is used for welding. It also works in the flammable gas. These are the gas welding equipment used frequently.

The bottom line

The welders are mostly doing the gas welding through the fuel. Hope you understand about the article based on tools set of gas welding. Go through this and make use of it.