Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020

How to build sport bar perfectly in the basement

While making a basement, most of the people heard the word that is basement bar and it has been only near to the basement itself. Adding a wet bar to basement is definitely a rich tradition and there are more numbers of good cheer available ahead for it. In order to make the best level of design decisions, first of all you should need to make some advanced planning for ensuring a real enjoyment of your new home or office space.

Hiring a professional contractor:

For the effectual basement finishing with the wet bar, it is highly crucial to have a better partnership with the skilled and experienced contractor who specializes in both the traditional and modern basement finishing. If you are handling a basement work to the builder, it is not fair at all because he is only working on the basement finishing occasionally so that you will not get what you want. This is why it is significant to hire a specialized contractor who is an expert in the basement finishing work to perfectly complete your basement actually with wet bar as per your needs. It is better looking for the basement professionals who are experts in the total basement finishing.

Getting started with a planning of basement bar:

  • Many individuals would like to have a bar in the basement space of their home or commercial place to enjoy drinks with the friends and colleagues.

  • Once you have decided to plan for the basement bar with the comfortable bar stools, TV, small fridge, a bar sink and all other needs, you should need to tell your requirements to the professional contractors who will make everything as per your needs.


When it comes to the planning of the basement bar, it can be described in four words including,


  • The building owners should need to think about a sink.

  • The wet bar is the most convenience option than a basement bar without a sink.

  • The plumbing for the sink will cost extra but you can neglect it if you already plan for the basement bathroom.

  • If possible, it is always better to locate a small sink very closer to the basement bathroom because it will probably need to drain into the same tank which servers a bathroom.

  • Otherwise, you can also install this wet sink in the wall of the basement or incorporate into the actual design of your basement bar according to your convenience.


It is always advised that going for the wet bar without plumbing to attach a sink with the plumbing connection of the basement bathroom to save you more money.


Floor planning for basement bar:


If you have hired a professional contractor who has years of experience in this field, he can surely able to design a floor plan for constructing your basement bar as per your needs but also within the space you have. It is not easier task to fit everything you require into the existing floor space but such experts are following the effective ideas and strategies to organize everything in a given space. When your wish list in the floor of the basement bar include a large sofa, a pool table, fairly safe flight path, or the dart board, everything can be arranged and organized only with the help of the experts. The basement bar planning professionals are also the smart architects to design an extraordinary floor plan for your basement bar.


Today with the latest technological advancements, those experts are not using paper or chart to make their floor plans because they are effectively using the CAD programs on the computer. With the help of the advanced version of CAD program, they will make a complete design of your basement bar with all the necessary properties like stools, sofa, TV, bar and etc in order to easily move them around. With these well designed and working floor plans, you can surely able to set up where the doorways, ceiling lights, walls and furniture should be. For the wet bar, there will be a special consideration for plumbing in this design.


Designing a bar in basement:


After planning surrounding properties in the basement bar, you should come across a design of the main bar.


  • When you start planning a main bar in the basement, you must have to consider in which material you are going to construct it.

  • The bar countertops might be made up of the stones, solid surface, stone composite or the wood material. As per your needs, you can pick any kind of material to design and arrange your bar in the basement.

  • It is better going to the affordable choice of material to design the basement bar with the durable finish.

  • From the construction based point of view, a bar designed in the basement is simple the larger space of cabinet with some of the specialized hardware and as well as the distinct top.

  • If you are considering the bar cabinets and tops, they can be made up of the wooden material and also with the bar top edge molding, brass footrail hardware, high gloss bartop varnishes and as well as the ornate detail moldings like the baseboard profiles and also the fluted pilasters.




Now days, you can also find the readymade bars which you can get from some of the home furnishing manufacturers or suppliers. If you are planning for setting up the readymade bar, first of all you should need to look at the available designs of the readymade bar with all partitions and features in order to pick a right choice from among them. While picking a suitable bar for your needs, you should need to consider some of the important factors. First, you have to decide on the shape and size of your basement bar and also whether you are willing to include the refrigerator, television and a small sink. You should need to consider all these things to pick the best choice of readymade bar to setup in your home or commercial basement.

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